So....I haven't really been doing much with my actual journal and I feel bad about that. I've been debating about what to do and I've decided that I'd like to post photos from time to time of when I'm out in Lolita. I'm a little nervous about this just from the safety aspect. The internet can be a dangerous place if precautions are not taken which is why I will be having post of my posts be friend only, and maybe eventually having my journal set in general to friends only.

I'm still just a newbie with this fashion style and I only have two coordinates at the moment but I've scouted out some things I'd like to purchase so maybe soon I'll have some new clothes to play with.

In the mean time I have some photos from a shoot I did with my best friend that I'll be posting, and we may go out soon to take some more in that outfit since (A) I want to wear my pretty Lolita dresses out (B) My petticoat is pretty much dead and so my other dress is completely flat when I wear it (I was going to order a new one from kirakirajen but she's not selling them now), and finally (C) my petticoat ended up showing in a bunch of pictures from the first shoot which makes me sad.

ALSO, I want to try and do some customization on my profile layout soon so expect some possible updates with that next week (since I am out of school then).

First Post

This is my first post here on livejournal. I've created an account before, but I never did anything with it, so now I'm back and I hope to use this to write about my journey through lolita fashion (since I have only begun walking the path).
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