Moshi Mochi

24 March
I have created this livejournal account so I can come into contact with others that enjoy Lolita fashion, so for that reason I have chosen not to provide information about my real identity to a large degree, thank you for understanding.

I’ve been interested in Japanese pop culture pretty much my whole life (having taken Japanese language classes for quite a few years as a child), but I have really only gained a true passion for it in the past two years. I do take Japanese as a foreign language currently and have visited Japan once (spring '08). I plan to go back in the future, and have hopes of learning Korean and Chinese eventually also.

I have recently started becoming very inspired by lolita fashion begun to start putting together a Lolita wardrobe. Through dancing ballet all this time, wearing the costumes has created a passion in me for poofy skirts, tulle, lace, and more feminine style clothes, therefore it seemed perfectly natural that I fell in love with Lolita fashion. Now besides how cute the style is I also really like the cultural ideas associated with it, since I think those values are the kind I’d like to reflect/feel I already display. Thus far I’ve found parts of starting out to be hard which is why I'm hoping that through the Lolita communities on livejournal I'm able to get some advice that will prevent me from making common mistakes.